Tech industry experts suggested the highly-anticipated smartphone, the iPhone 8 will feature a “revolutionary” camera which is rumoured to sense the space in front of it using infrared technology. The reliable apple analysts claimed this would allow selfie-obsessed people to take 3D photos of themselves.

The next iPhone is predicted to be a big release, because it marks the 10th anniversary of the first Apple smartphone. An unconfirmed rumour has suggested the upcoming device will employ a laser to scan user’s features. This could allow them to use their own lovely face to access the gadget, fuelled by its acquisition of Israeli facial recognition start-up Real Face, rather than having to scan a fingerprint or enter a password.

It surely will be more secure than fingerprint recognition. Facial or iris scans could be iPhone 8’s signature security feature along with wireless charging. This shall accelerate adoption of Apple Pay. Whether people shall be willing to scan their face before every transaction remains to be seen.