SoundPEATS TrueFree Wireless Earbuds Review

I go to University at least three times a week with each one-way trip taking me about 1.5 hours by train and walk to reach there. I almost always take my trusty Audio Technica ATH-M50x’s with me all the time, but the biggest downside is its fairly large footprint in my backpack along with the need to use a cable that is bulky in itself. I soon realised that I needed a good solution, something that would make it much easier to listen to music during my commute.

My first pair of Bluetooth earphones was the Jabra Elite 25e, and by no means did they sound bad. But – the biggest deal breaker for me with those earphones was the fact that when I wasn’t using it, it hung down from my neck on its band, but the ear tips always got caught on my jacket or other things such as trolleys or my watch when I bend down to grab something from the floor or something. I have lost at least 3 or 4 ear tips, and the spares that come in the box are one size larger and one size smaller than the ones that fit me. This just made the experience of using it a real pain, so I had to look for another solution.

Then came the real solution – a pair of SoundPeats TrueFree earbuds. It is a truly wireless pair of earbuds that truly make you feel free. I bought my pair off of Amazon Australia for $36.99 AUD, which comes in at less than half the price of my Jabra Elite 25e’s. In my opinion, they sound just as good and are a much better value in comparison to the Jabra’s.

As soon as the package from Amazon arrived, I opened up the nicely packed box to reveal the earbuds. Underneath that was the micro USB charging cable, 2 pairs of extra ear tips and some paperwork. The earbuds came in its own tiny charging dock that is about the same size as a standard cable folded up. It was about the same weight too, which was pretty surprising to me. For the price, I had expected it to be fairly heavy and bulky, but it really impressed me.

When I first looked at the earbuds, I asked myself, “How the heck will this even stay in my ears?” because there is no ear wing, nor a special shape defined by the average ear, like the Jabra Elite 25e’s. Nevertheless, I tried on the earbuds and it fit really well with the already attached ear tip. I shook my head around and I was immediately bewildered by the fact that it fall out, and in fact fit quite snugly in my ear.

Moving on to the quality of the earphones, it has a wide sound stage, but I don’t think it quite matches that of the Audio Technica’s or my Audio Engine A5+’s, however, they are at the very least 8x the price and 10x the size. Furthermore, the earbuds sound crystal clear with absolutely no static and the overall sound quality is really high. The earbuds have a very flat sound signature, so having an equaliser on your device can mean you can make it sound exactly how you want, which is really good in my opinion. There were a few times where I couldn’t even tell if they were turned on or not because there is absolutely no noise, which is great!

The earbuds come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which is perfect for 2018, the range is absolutely amazing. I managed to walk about 30m away with a brick wall between my MacBook Pro and the earbuds with no connection issues and fluid audio playback. The pairing process was also seamless. You only need to pair either the left or the right and the other pair connected automatically. It takes maybe 3 to 5 seconds and a beep to signal a successful connection, and your audio will start playing simultaneously with absolutely no delay on the other earbud. The multifunction button easily pauses your music with a single tap and a double tap to skip the track.

As most people would be when they first see the case/dock for these earbuds, I was sceptical because there was no top cover, but when I pulled out the earphone, I soon realised why there isn’t one. The earbuds are stored in the case using some magnets that snap the ear buds in place when you hold it close or drop it into the case as I regularly do. The earbuds charge through the two connectors on each of the earbuds and the pins on the case that transmit power. The case itself charges through a micro USB port on the side. The battery life of the earbuds and the case combined are long enough that I can go through a full day of heavy usage without the earbuds dying on me.

Overall, I think the SoundPEATS TrueFree earbuds are a must have for anyone who works out or travels while listening to music or watching videos. They sound stunning, don’t come in the way when you are doing things, and what is super-duper amazing is that, 9 times out of 10, you don’t even realise that you’re wearing the earbuds as it is seriously light and hilariously small. I highly recommend these, and for the low price of $37, it is an absolute steal!

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